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The EZC Multi Caption Slider works best when it is displaying images that are all the same size or have the same aspect ratio (width/height).

Here are three images uploaded using the built in WordPress Media library. They are three different sizes, but the aspect ratio is the same for all of them.

Actual size 300px wide X 100px high. (Aspect ratio = 3.0)
Alt text: little_monkey

Actual size 450px wide X 150px high. (Aspect ratio = 3.0) tiger_450x150

Actual size 600px wide X 200px high. (Aspect ratio = 3.0) Alt text for elephant_large

The slider plugin automatically fills the area you allow for it and sizes the images to fit. Due to the fact that these three images are proportionally the same size, they can be combined in the same set of images for the slider.

Small original image (300px X 100px)

Medium original image (450px X 150px)

Larger original image (600px X 200px)

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