List Posts Plugin

It’s easy to create an interactive photo slider of your blog posts or pages using the [ezc_list_posts] shortcode. To create a slider for your site, simply add a new page or post and type the following shortcode into your visual editor:

[ezc_list_posts show_slider='true']

The plugin will use default settings to show your five most recent posts.

This line can be any text or a link.

This is text only.

Let’s move the caption to the top.

The caption color can be set to solid.

This is text only.

You can set the caption color for each slide.

The opacity of the caption can be set to 0

This is text only.

Guess what ‘cool’ guy took this photo?

Photo by Mike Baker

And… the Pause/Play button works.

The display time length can be changed.

Hovering the mouse over the slider pauses it.

Happy Salsa!

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