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Easy Content Super List Posts

What Is It?

You can use this plugin to list posts or pages on your site in many different styles and combinations. Some of the things you can do:

  • Automatically Show Posts in an Interactive Slider
  • Show ‘Magazine Style’ Listings of Posts
  • List Posts by:
    • Category
    • Recent Posts
    • Most Popular Posts
    • Related Posts
    • Post Status (pbulished, draft, etc)
[ezc_list_posts] Options
Option Default Values Example What this option does Notes
show_slider false true or false automatically shows a photo slider rather than a listing of posts
backgound_color varies by theme any hex number without the # Changes the background color.
category_id ''
category_name ''
post_id ''
page_id ''
use_image true
columns 1
show_button false
thumb_size thumbnail
show_excerpt false
include_date false
show_cat_name false
excerpt_length 150
excerpt_font_size depends on theme
theme trav default
order DESC
orderby modified
margin_bottom 20
posts_per_page 5
posts_to_show 5
post_type post
post_parent false
taxonomy false
tax_term false
tax_operator IN
in_sidebar false

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